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Birmingham buy-to-let investment properties

Why invest in buy-to-let in Birmingham?

Birmingham is a top-10 buy-to-let hotspot, primarily due to its ongoing re-generation. Birmingham is Britain’s second largest city, and is benefiting from large investment and cultural initiatives.

The city-centre has an abundance of canals and cafes, dazzling new architecture, stylish restaurants and open spaces. It is the UK’s third largest retail centre, and home to numerous galleries, theatres, sporting & music venues and exhibition centres


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Investment in student accommodation shows no sign of slowing

Student property investment now seems to be mainstream

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Government measures not expected to change much

Summary: UK economic growth is subdued in first quarter of 2016

……and likely to slow further in the second quarter

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....and why it is virtually meaningless!

The phasing-out of mortgage interest tax relief

An explanation of how it affects you


Having never purchased a student investment property

"Having never purchased a student investment property we were a little curious as to how it worked, the risks involved and total costs involved.... 

I looked at 5 or 6 student accommodation schemes

"I looked at 5-6 student accommodation schemes, spoke to all of them.....

Investing in any property is always a cause of some anxiety

"Investing in any property is always a cause of some anxiety.....

What pleased me most about Go Global Investments

"What has pleased me the most about Go Global Investments is their communication....