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Leeds buy-to-let investment Properties

Why invest in buy-to-let in Leeds?

Whilst investors in London can expect returns of approximately 4.5%, investors in the North tend to receive average gross yields of between 7-8%. One of the best performing cities is Leeds which, according to Knight Frank, gave landlords gross yields as high as 8.3% in 2014. Whilst house prices in Leeds are slightly lower than the national average, it is one of the most rapidly growing regions of the country – both in terms of house prices and rents - residential sales in the area of Yorkshire and the Humber are expected to grow by an impressive 14.8% between now and 2019.

Increased devolution, which transfers power back to the regions, guarantees that the North of the country, including Leeds, will be able to make more targeted and region-specific decisions in the areas of transportation, policing and housing.

Moreover, the HS2 speed rail network, set to commence as early as 2017, will further enhance the northern economy by reducing travelling times and costs from South to North, making regional cities, particularly Leeds, better connected.

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