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Student Properties for Sale in the UK

Why invest in UK student property?

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The UK student property sector has grown and developed into a mature and globally recognised investment over the last few years. UK university student numbers have increased to record-breaking levels as more domestic students desire higher education due to economic uncertainty, and the global rise of the economic middle class has caused a surge in foreign students wanting to study abroad (see outlook below)

Despite student numbers temporarily being hit by the introduction of tuition fees in England and Wales, they have fast recovered to a new peak, and are even set to expand further due to the removal of the cap on numbers.

On top of that, around 34% of international migrants coming to the UK do so for higher education. Tighter immigration controls may impact their overall numbers, but not those coming here to study.

With a proven track record of high-income returns and strong demand from students, we have seen record investments in the UK sector from across the globe – it’s fair to say that now is a great time to start investing.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

Top-tier university cities are all under-supplied, and simultaneously have the highest demand from both domestic and foreign students, so it should be no surprise that we at Go Global Investments have markets like these covered.

We currently offer student investment opportunities in the elite Russell Group university cities and towns.

What’s an Article 4 Direction?

In many UK cities, local planning authorities have implemented an Article 4 Direction, which restricts private landlords of some standard buy-to-let properties using their properties for student accommodation or HMOs (Houses in Multiples Occupation).

Under this Article 4 direction, certain regulations must now be met to combat poor management and/or living conditions – exacerbating the shortage of purpose-built student accommodation, and maintaining upward pressure on rents.

As a result, this is likely to drive up rents and make specialist student accommodation more attractive to students.

All of the cities that we have properties in have implemented an Article 4 Direction.

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