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Investing in any property is always a cause of some anxiety

....and when the investment is in a less well-known sector of the property market (i.e. student property), and also off-plan, anxiety levels increase....

Will the property be built as planned, will it be well-managed once built, and will the assured returns materialise? These were all serious concerns. I was therefore very pleased to be introduced to Go Global by a friend who told me that it is a very reliable company. This has proved to be the case. My contact person guided me through the process and reduced a complex process into a series of relatively simple steps. They have been constantly in contact throughout the procedure and this has helped to greatly reduce my original anxieties. I would certainly recommend Go Global to anyone considering an investment in student property. You can rest assured that in Go Global you will be working with a sound company that will deliver on its promises"

Martin Warren, who bought two units in Asquith House, Leeds, plus two units in Spectrum Apartments, Sheffield

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